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Traditonal Kampo Japanese and Asian medicinal Single Herb teas

It is coming soon.

Single Herb teas

Traditional Kampo Japanese, Chinese and Asian medical single herb teas

Make your own blended tea recipes.

We sell individual traditional Japanese & Asian medicinal herbs!

If you want to make your own Asian Medicinal herb Blend tea, or you want to put some individual herb into the tea you usually drink, you can order single medicinal herb loose leaf tea.

Mix teas to create your ideal assortment.


Ancient Japanese, Chinese and Asian medical Single Herb teas
Kampo medicinal Herb Teas 〜 Ancient Japanese and Chinese medical Herbs

Asian Alternative medicine herbs (Individual Medical Herb teas)

Tea is extremely healthy by itself, but by adding various herbs to it you can
knock out pretty much any ailment.
if you investigate, you will find that like tea, various herbs kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and
microorganisms, effectively fighting off cold and flu viruses, infections, and many other common
ailments that crop up in our everyday life.

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