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About us & Our Product

fat burner japanese green tea detox diet herbal remedies

Japanese Kampo Weight loss Green Tea Shop

The Founder and Owner :
Naoko Hirose

All our staff is Japanese women who speak English!

Our Mission

  • We want people to lose weight easily without suffering from extreme exercise and  dieting! 
  • We provide weight loss & detox diet and health & wellness products from Kyushu Island, Japan that lead you to healthy lifestyle. " Kyushu Island " is well known as a Blue Zone– places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth.

    Products: Green tea that will help you lose weight.  Japanese herbal detox diet loose leaf teas (Traditional Japanese Kampo medicinal herbs with Kyushu Island green tea blends).  Health & wellness loose leaf teas.  Traditional Japanese Yuzu citrus condiments.
    Japanese green tea fat burner detox herbal remedies diet
  • We want people to stay young and enjoy longevity without having serious diseases and obesity by using our deep knowledge of Traditional Japanese alternative & preventive medicine and Japanese food nutrition science.
Blue Zone by Dr. Mehemet Oz

Our Products

    Health benefits Green tea fat burner diet
  • All of our products are cleared for the strict quality inspections such as examinations for pesticide residues with confidence.  Japan's strict and reliable inspections have made the food and products reach the world's top level in the food safety.

  • Kyushu Island green tea is top quality green tea which is grown at the southernmost tea producing region in Japan where the air is clean and full of nature. We are proud that we can provide such a blessing to our customers.

What consists of our teas in order to help achieve
Weight loss, Detox & Anti-aging Diet

green tea Weight loss Japanese kampo herbal detox diet loose leaf tea

The Founder and Owner : Naoko Hirose

After 12 years of living in the US, I went back home to "Kyushu Island, Japan" and established "Japanese Kampo Weight loss Green Tea Shop."
  • Have long-lived family: My Grandfather lived to be 99 years old, grandmother lived to be 98, grandmother on my mother's side lived to be 95.

    Our ancestors have been drinking Kyushu Island Green tea with Traditional Japanese Kampo medicinal herbs blend loose leaf tea as their routine. I believe that this habit led them to longevity and great health condition.  None of them had obesity, diabetes or any other serious diseases such as stroke and cancer.

    My father is 70 years old and my mother is 66.  All of my uncles and aunts are almost 80 years old. They are also in great health condition.  Again, none of them has obesity, diabetes and any other serious diseases. They are active and enjoying their life trekking and traveling abroad!

Japanese Kampo medicine herbal detox diet loose leaf teaWhat inspired me to establish 
this tea brand focusing on
 Weight loss & Life-Prolonging:

I decided to establish Tea Brand when I came  back to Japan.
When I was in the U.S., I faced the fact that health insurance is too expensive to afford for many people. One of the big reasons it gets so expensive is that too many people have health issues: the highest rate of obesity and diabetes, women having breast cancer at a younger age and the potential health risks caused by air and water pollution.

Also I found out that people in the U.S. consume too many artificial foods and beverages.  Then this idea came to my mind.  If people drink our medicinal & nutrient-rich tea that tastes great and help to lose weight & detoxify their bodies as their routine beverage, they can overcome obesity, other health problems and in the end expensive health insurance issues.

So I decided to provide traditional Japanese health products to help people suffering from those health issues.  I want to make a contribution for them by using our deep knowledge of traditional Japanese alternative & preventive medicine, Japanese herbal remedies and Kampo medicinal herbs.

Japanese Kampo Weight loss Green Tea Shop Office

We are located in the Kyushu Island, the southernmost major island in Japan.
It is filled with ancient spirit.

We are located in Fukuoka city, Kyushu Island, the southernmost major island in Japan which is safe and far from Fukushima, the northern area in Japan.
You can check how safe the Kyushu Island is in terms of radiation.

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