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Genmaicha Green tea Weight loss plus Japanese herbal detox Diet loose leaf tea

Genmaicha green tea with medicinal herb blends > Minty ginger orange with Jujube flavor
genmaicha brown rice green tea weight loss Japanese herbal laxatives detox diet loose leaf

Traditional Japanese Weight loss & Detox Diet tea
Japanese kampo medicinal herb tea 100% Natural. Plus Laxatives & Colon cleansing with calming & stress relief.

genmaicha green tea losing weight ginger  Monk Genmaicha tea
Weight loss diet Genmaicha green tea kampo herbs laxatives digestion detox
Minty Ginger
Mandarin Orange with Jujube flavor

Slightly Sweet

Traditional Japanese Kampo Medicinal Herbs
& Genmaicha brown rice
Japanese Green tea

※Price reflects 2oz (25-30 cups / teaspoons per 2oz)

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Tasty & Natural flavored Diet tea
Fat burner with Laxatives & Detox Diet

Weight loss Diet genmaicha green tea asian medical herbs digestion laxatives detox
Direction:  Drink after meal.

2oz (  57g) / 15days
4oz (114g) / 1Month
6oz (170g) / 1Month 15days
8oz (227g) / 2Month
10oz (284g) / 2Month 15days

FAQs - Weight Loss tea

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You will never find teas like ours anywhere else.
" The Synergistic effect,"  Kampo medicinal herbs & Japanese green tea all work together, that help to produce higher level of weight loss.

Read Yahoo News " Well-Being "

Plus calming & stress relief.

Description: It is the harmony of peppermint & ginger orange with Ancient Asian medicinal fruit (Jujube), combined with Kampo Japanese & Asian medicinal herbs with Japanese green tea " Genmaicha " from Kyushu Island, Japan.

Traditional kampo Chinese japanese herbal medicine Japanese Traditional herbal remedies ‘ Kampo ’ originated in ‘ Traditional Chinese Medicine ’ methods.

Monk genmaicha brown rice green tea weight loss loose leaf tea

Japanese kampo medicinal herb tea Taste: We have succeeded to reduce green tea bitter taste by well-balanced blend of natural herbal ingredients. So you can enjoy and get the tons of real & pure Japanese green tea health benefits!

Japanese kampo medicinal herb tea losing weight diet100% Natural,  No additives, No artificial color, flavor & sweetener.
fat burner green tea diet kampo japanese herbal weight loss
Most of the products of the big tea companies have artificial flavors and sweeteners.
All of our teas are 100% Natural!
Trust us, our teas are 100% good for your health!!


Genmaicha brown rice green tea from Kyushu Island, Japan.
We have a plain Genmaicha.
● Ginger root, orange peels, star anise, peppermint, apple pieces, Japanese Mandarin orange powder
Kampo medicinal Herbs for weight loss diet:
Lotus leaf (Hasu), Mulberry leaf (Kuwa), Eucommia ulmoides leaf (Tochu), Chinese blackberry leaf (Tian Cha)
Kampo Sweet medicinal Asian fruit: Jujube (Chinese red date)

Caffeine Content: Very Low
Brewing Tips
Brew Temp & Times: Heat water to 185F / 85C, 3-4 mins
Leaf to Water Ratio:1teaspoon per 8oz (240ml) water
You can enjoy hot & iced tea!

jujube Chinese red dates diet tea
Kampo Traditional Medicinal Sweetener:
Jujube fruit
(Chinese red dates)
In Japan, Jujube has been popular as Kampo herb since the ancient time. It is also known as the traditional Chinese medicine & wellness tea.
It makes tea more fruity & slightly sweet taste.
Expected health benefits: Support to relieve stress & anxiety. Calming & sleep well. Boost immune system.

Weight loss green tea Japanese kampo herbal detox diet loose leaf tea

What consists of our tea for weight loss, Detox & Anti-Aging Diet

Genmaicha brown rice Japanese green tea for longevity diet Genmaicha green tea
from Kyushu Island

Help to speed up metabolism
Help the body burn fat
Support to promote longevity
Active ingredient: EGCG
More detail of Japanese Green tea health benefits.
Star Anise medicinal diet tea Star Anise
Boost immune system
Help stomach ease
Increase metabolism
Ginger root tea digestion detox Ginger Root
Support to detoxify
Support digestion
Help to burn fat
lotus leaf weight loss tea
Active ingredient: Nuciferine
Help to increase metabolism
Support to get rid of body fat
Known as a good herbal medicine of weight reduction from ancient times to present in China.
Help to relieve anxiety & stress
Mandarin Orange herbal green tea diet Orange peels
Enhances digestion
Support colon health
Stress relief
Apple green tea lose weight Apple pieces
Support to detoxify
Enhances digestion
Lower cholesterol
mulberry leaf weight loss tea Mulberry leaf (Kuwa)
Active ingredient: GABADNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin), Chlorophyll.
Popular and used to improve diabetes and weight loss in Asia.
Help to prevent obesity & lower cholesterol.
Peppermint green tea diet Peppermint
Stress relief
Help stomach ease
Red date jujube bedtime tea Jujube fruit
Help to relieve stress & anxiety
Help to sleep well
Eucommia ulmoides Tochu leaf weight loss detox tea Eucommia ulmoides leaf (Tochu)
Active ingredient Geniposidic acid
Prevent metabolic syndrome
Lower risk of obesity while detoxing your body.
Help cut back cholesterol
Help to lower blood pressure
Most popular medicinal herb for losing weight in Japan.
Chinese blackberry leaf tea tian cha
Chinese blackberry leaf (Tian Cha)
is a great tool for dieting. It is a non-caloric sweetener and flavor enhancer.
Also in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tian Cha is used to ease allergy symptoms.

Some Japanese studies indicated that Chinese blackberry leaf (Tian Cha) has no side effect & safely intake everyday as non-caloric natural sweeter, not like Stevia and licorice
(Some researcher said that Stevia & licorice should be used in not consumed in the large doses.)

※These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

weight loss detox diet medicinal kampo herb teaOur Tea Pouches are Made in Japan.
     : are high quality Zip Lock Silver Stand-up Pouches.
     : are made of the materials that keep the tea fresh.

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