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Sushi Konacha - Powdered green tea from Kyushu Island, Japan

Konacha powdered green tea with medicinal herb blends list > Plain Konacha powdered green tea

Sushi Bar Style Green tea

authentic sushi konacha japanese green tea fat burner dietAuthentic & real Japanese green tea from Kyushu Island, Japan
with tons of benefits of 

Healthy Weight Loss & Diet

Sushi konacha powdred Japanese green tea detox diet loose leaf tea
Sushi Konacha

Japanese green tea
from Kyushu Island

※Price reflects 2oz (25-30 cups / teaspoons per 2oz)
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sushi konacha powdered Japanese green tea from Kyushu Island, Japan

Fresh & Dense from Origin

Recommendation:This is great if you like thick taste and the taste of sushi bar green tea.
What is Konacha: It is powdered green tea and famous for "Sushi green tea." Konacha is served at sushi bar.

konacha powdered sushi bar green tea loose leaf
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sushi bar powdered japanese green tea weight loss diet etsy

What is special about Kyushu Island Green tea ?

Caffeine Content: Low (compared with coffee)
Flavor: Fresh & rich savory green tea aroma with thick taste.
konacha powdered sushi green tea Aroma:★★★★☆ 
Body: Full
Color:Deep dark green

Brew Temp & Times: Heat water to 185F / 85C, 1 mins
Leaf to Water Ratio:1teaspoon per 10oz (300ml) water

Sushi konacha powder japanese green tea Fat Burner loose leaf tea
What is Kyushu Island green tea:
Our high quality green tea is grown at the southernmost tea producing region in Japan surrounded by ancient wild nature, and people living in Kyushu Island have longer life span.
More information of Kyushu Island green tea

Information of Japanese Green tea health benefits.

Uji matcha japanese green tea powder Our Tea Pouches are Made in Japan.
     : are high quality Zip Lock Silver Stand-up Pouches.
     : are made of the materials that keep the tea fresh.

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