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Yuzu citrus kosho chili paste 〜Local Food Award winner in Japan

Green Yuzu citrus kosho hot chili pepper paste list > Yuzu kosho 〜 Local Food Award winner

Our selected high quality Green Yuzu citrus chili paste is recommended for Pro-Chefs!
Green Yuzu citrus kosho hot chili paste is used at fine dining Sushi & Japanese restaurants.

Oita, Kyushu Local Food Award winner

From Oita, Kyushu Island,
the birthplace of Yuzu Kosho Pepper Paste

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Green Yuzu citrus kosho chili paste
This high quality yuzu kosho brand is the winner of Oita, Kyushu Island Local Food Award.
This brand comes from Oita Prefecture where yuzu kosho was born. Their yuzu kosho is most famous in Japan.
You have never found this yuzu kosho brands before even people in Tokyo are hard to purchase those, because those brands are not mass-produced.

Ingredients: Green yuzu citron zest, Japanese green hot chili pepper, Japanese sea salt.

We have a different kind of yuzu kosho.
100% natural and No Artificial color & Preservative free.
Origin: Oita prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan.
Color: Bright Citrus Green
Flavor: Rich & fresh smell of Japanese lime or lemon of Yuzu citrus with spicy green chili pepper.
Taste: The combination of hot & spicy green chili pepper, Japanese sea salt and fresh & distinct aroma of yuzu citrus zest makes fruity, spicy  &  umami taste !
Spiciness: ★★★★

Best food to Uses: Raw fish, Sushi, Sashimi, Sushi rolls, Tofu, Pasta, Pizza, Fish & Beef Carpaccio, Seafood salad, Steak, Yakitori, Grilled chicken, Noodle, Dumpling, Surimi (imitation crab stick),  cocktail, etc.
 Variety of use and detail of yuzu kosho.

Our yuzu kosho chili paste is more spicy and distinct citrus aroma than the other citrus condiments!

Green yuzu kosho is most popular, but red and yellow yuzu kosho is also common in Kyushu Island. In the future we will carry red and yellow ones.

※This product is 100% natural and No Artificial color & Preservative free, so natural color changes may occur, but it is normal and still suitable for use until the expiration dates printed on the label.
Store it in a cool, dark place. Once opened, keep it in a fridge.

Your meal is going to taste like the meal a professional Japanese chef makes when you use it!

The birthplace of Yuzu kosho pepper paste and big manufacture of yuzu citrus,
Oita prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan.

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